Sunday, February 04, 2007

Guess Who Is Home?

Kricket my kitty!!!!
Tim and I went for walk and tonight and were calling and calling her and she ran out from under a car.
She looked soooo happy to see us.
All purring and everything.
Awwww Poor thing.
Do ya think she was really lost? Tim think she was scared to comeback. You know cars, dogs, and other mean cats. I dunno.
I do know that she's freaking happy to be here. She can't get enough of us. HeeHeeHee
She's sooo cute!

So happy I got scrapping. LOL I made some Valentines. :) I love Valentine's day!
I used paint tonight! It was such fun too. I never use paint like this, but think I am totally addicted now. Ha!
Anyways here they are...

Wanna see some more cards? Check me out over at ScrapbookGoddess. I'm guest designer this month. The month of Loooooove. Heh. Anyways my first assignment is up. More Valentines. I'm so excited to be designing over there. I LOVE that site. Everyone is soooo awesome there! And they have the best challenges and contests.
Get on over there if you have never been! It's a blast!

Oh and my username there is May! :)
Hope everyone had a perfect weekend and hope everyone has a great start of a new week tomorrow! Night peeps...



staceyfike said...

sooo glad k is home and i *heart* your valentines!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mara ;) so glad your kitter is home safe and snug! And your cards rock... as always ;)


Vee said...

glad your kitty is back home safe and sound
love your valentines!

tammy kay said...

Oh I am so glad that she is back and safe. I know that you are so happy. Love the cards. I love paint. I never scrap without it.
It is a staple! Congrats on being the guest designer. That is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! You found your kitty! I would have been so sad too.
I am so glad you are guest designing for us. We LOVE your work! Can't wait to see it every friday. Have a good day.
Sarah Adams

Diane said...

Love your cards!

~ms318i~ said...

so happy to hear k is home. he's soooooooooooooooooo adorable !

just like those cards...........

if i was a millionaire i would hire you as my personal scrapper rock girl

One cool chick said...

what a happy ending!!!