Friday, October 13, 2006

Urban Acid~

This post is for "Chica Lina". These pictures are from the same shoot I posted pictures of a while back. Just got around to playing with these ones. I found the Urban Acid Action and thought these looked so cool with it! I really need to do a new shoot. I am dying to take pictures. And the weather has been so gorgeous lately. Bummer though looks like some rain might be rolling in today. Hope it doesn't last long. Hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


theo said...

nice cat

Heidi A said...

dude what the heck? you found yourself a new homie??? fine. be that way. hmph!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

omg... Mara... great shots (as always)... and love what you did with them. She's so pretty! Where did you ever find her? Like did you know her???


Anonymous said...

Jann, she is probably stalking that poor girl!!! :p


Anonymous said...

awsome pics dude! and yah man that urban acid kicks butt eh! shes gorg too!!

and love love your pages below chicka!!!!! dang i miss seein your junk!

Scrapdiva AKA Tanya said...

love those pics!! update your blog dude!!!!