Sunday, October 01, 2006

Done and Done....

With all the moving and clean of the old apartment. I never thought I would be sick of that apartment before, but geeze I could swear that the packing would NEVER end. WOW Where did I get sooooo much junk? Now I just have to unpack all this crizzap. I only have like 6 boxes packed still. Ugh. I HATE MOVING!!!! My back hurts too. Blah. And I'm hungry. LOL But yeah, anyways... I am in my scrappy room right now. Lots of stuff put away and lots more stuff to unpack. LOL I so want a new desk. For now I am using one of those Costco folding tables we've had. :( Better than no table hey? LOL And yeah, I sooo wanna scrap already. Ha Ha Ha By the way I don't have internet. With my laptop having the wireless thingy it just automatically connects to whatever it can. Soooo that's how I am on right now. LOL It's really slow though. I should be getting my own soon. This week infact. Okay so I have all kinds of scrapbooking paper I am ready to let go of. Probably should be more, but you know how us horders are. ;) So I wanted to post about it on my blog because I am willing to ship it to anyone here in the states. Those priority boxes are only like 7 bucks so yeah, I'd be willing to do that. So let me list some of the paper I've got here... Rob and Bob Basic Grey Blitzen Basic Grey Motifica Basic Grey Sophie Basic Grey Sweet Pea Basic Grey Phresh and Phunky Basic Grey Fushion Basic Grey Dawson Scenic Route the older line K&Co. the Target one Marcella by K&Co. Teal Brown paper and diecut pad Scrapworks Sedona Rusty Pickle Girlfriends Some of the older Sassafrasslass Chatterbox Chateau (page kit) Some Halloween papers too. Junkits K.I. Memories some from the first lines DCWV 4.5x6.5 Retro Prints Mat Stack DCVW 4.5x6.5 The Spring Mat Stack And lots of Misc. papers like from Michaels and the $ store. If you're interested please leave a comment or e-mail me. Doesn't matter if I know you I just want this stuff to go to someone who will use it! I've spent lots of mullah on it all. LOL So yeah lemme know! Anyways I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Gotta wake up early to get Timmy to school. We live a bit farther from his school now so we gotta start waking up a little bit earlier now. YUCK!!! LOL Peace and Love Mara


Chica Lina******** said...

So yeah i would all of that stuff it sounds so awesomely cool!!!!!Jk
Well i'm gald yur in your new crib now are you like really tired...i would be!!! Moving and un-packing now and you stilled blogged are such a good and dedicated blogger..i'm so jealous. But not to complain or anything, but i probably i'm anyways...I WANT MORE PICS...come on please....something thats colorful that i can look at....thanks.

much love

XoXo (thats BIG KISS liitle hug BIG KISS little hug)

Chica Lina*******

Rhena said...

Rats!! Lucky Americans...LOL!!

I havent been scrapping much anyways, the last thing I need is more paper.

Glad to hear you are all moved and have your internet all set. So that means you should be posting on your blog everyday, no excuses!!


~ms318i~ said...

yeah...i'm with rhena...those americans !!!!!! lol

i wanna see pics of your new scrap space !!!!!! show show show !

congrats on the new place mara.....

Scrapdiva AKA Tanya said...

ya, like i need more paper like i need another hole in my head! LOL now answer your phone girl!!!

ZoomZoomZoom said...

isn't it nice to be moved in??? Congrats on the new place!

Looks like I'm too late for that paper...shows ya what happens when I don't stalk blogs often enough!