Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just for Fun~

My gorgeous cat. Took this picture for a contest on Scrapbook Goddess. Isn't she getting soooooo big? Too cute! When I get bored I take pictures of myself. Ha Ha Ha Look at that chummy face! Kind of a creepy looking one. LMBO But Loving the necklace. And a page I did the other night for a contest. I gotta tell you guys about this fabulous new site. I'll have to do that later though. Love Ya All Later!!!! XOXOXO


Laurie said...

aww dude your gorgeous what you talkin bout "creepy"??? *rollin eyes* i love it when you get bored lol..
love that page!!! and those circles are sick! wicked!

~ms318i~ said...

totally gorgeous girl............i so love that photo with the blue necklace..............brings out your eyes........... would love that in the 6x6 *wink wink*