Thursday, June 22, 2006

Showing My Face

I had to work up the nerve to get on here and show my face since I've been sucha terrible terrible blogger lately. I mean to keep up with this baby, but it always slips my mind. I tried blogging yesterday to share a gazzillion photos, but blogger was acting soooo stupid! It wouldn't load any of the pic.s! Grrrrrrr I never have problems with blogger. What's up with that? LAME I will try to load some of them, but it's still acting dumbest then I can only load one. They ain't that good anyways. I just spent a day trying out different settings and stuff. Really am wanting to learn how to REALLY use that camera. And I REALLY need a lens! Can't somebody tell my hubby that? He just doesn't get it. Men. So what have I been up to? Not much really. But for some reason it's taking up all of my "Me" time. Hmmmmm Let's see.... Oh I know, my nephews (Jonathan 10 and David 4) have been here for a week and some. Talk about too many boys! Whew. I don't know how you mother's of more than one do it! The Lord bless you with the strength of a thousand armies. My goodness these kids have me sooooo worn out. Unbelievable. Besides the boys I have just been around, running small errands. You know, a little of this and a little of that. Yesterday Tim and I had a 24 hour road trip. We went to Palm Springs for a pick and delivery job. It was nice to see the things that have changed since we've moved and se the things that haven't change. For instance our FAVORITE restaurants. Which of course we HAD to stop and eat at. We didn't have too much time to roam around, but it was a nice little short get away. One that we plan to do again, but for a longer amount of time! Ha I love Palm Springs! But oh the woes of the Summer Heat! It was 100 by morning! Yikes. I start getting heat flashes just thinking about being there, oh or wait... Is that just my monthly. Oops Ha Ha Sorry guys! So I kept trying to remember what other things I wanted Timmy to do over the summer and all of a sudden it popped into my head! I wanted him to take one of those little reading buddy thingies at the library during summer. AND Hip Hop classes. I swear I will be so mad if it's too late to sign him up by Monday. Gah. Too many things. Too little time. Speaking of time.. I really need some scrapping time by now! I am itching to scrap man! About a week ago I did a page and well I HATED it. I painted lots. And spent soooo much time on it. Then when I was done I was so upset I kept throwing it outta my face. Heh. Then finally I ripped it apart. I wish I would have a least scanned the ugly thing! I don't even remember what it looked like. Hmmm I wonder if it was really that bad. Well guess I'll never know, hey? Ha Ha Ha! Loser! So yeah I am really wanting to scrap! HeeHee Alright well now I am just rambling. So I better stop. Piss off. Oh. Um. I mean. PEACE OUT! Man. Slaps head. ETA: Blogger won't let me upload ANY pictures! Can you hear me screaming?!


Laurie said...

grrrrrrr so just lost my dang post!!

anywah dude there is a tuna sandwich callin my name! long storey short so glad your back!!! and cant wait to see a page come from you girl! hugs!

~ms318i~ said...

yeah,,,,missed ya too...........*hugz*

i so want to take luc to hip hop too.....too cute !

Anonymous said...

glad your posting again... i had checked ... and nothing! ;)

Jann. ;)