Friday, June 09, 2006


Just thought since I had a minute I would stop by and post some photos of a "quickie" shoot I did a few days ago. These two are sisters. Both gorgeous. Both very unique. Loved photographing them. Would love to shoot them individually next time. And boy do I need a lens!!! LOL Ashleigh (17) Ashleigh & Alexis (13) And one with little sister (Jessica 7) Aren't they gorgeous! And these were just a few of my faves! I could photograph them all day long. ;-) Sorry I have been a very bad blogger lately. It's just end of the school year. Lots of Graduations parties, exc. exc.. I promise to post ore pic.s and blog the right way next week. Until then, all my love peeps.


~Christina~ said...

WOW Mara!!!!! Those are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

are you kidding me! these are soooo hawt dude!! love them!! awsome shots and angels dude! wow!

Heidi A said...

Dude that 3rd one looks like an a high-end magazine ad!!!! Totally stunning!!! You are SO super talented!!!!

~ms318i~ said...

awesome photos mara.............can you make me look that hawt?

missing our blogs girlie....hurry back !