Friday, June 23, 2006

Pictures Anyone?

Well I am off to Target in a few. My favorite pair of sunglasses broke the other day so I will probably pick up a new pair while I'm there. Wanted to share those pictures I have been trying to post. I've been trying to learn how to use my camera lately. But to be honest I really really need a new lens! Oh the things I could do! ;) Anyways most of these were taken in the famous "My Backyard". Trying to keep you guys entertained! I used PSP to edit some. You know how I like my contrast! Geeze I could sure use CS2!!! Catch ya'll later. Enjoy! Makeup** Kitchen Table Bowl** Some Logs** Pink Cactus** Sago Leaf** More Sago Leaves** And Yet Another Sago Picture** (I thought these new leaves were sooo cool) Summer Relaxing** (my fave and soon to see scrapped)


Laurie said...

oh cool pics dude! like those leaves too! and that catus shot! and the make up is cool too! good stuff... ;-)

Happay said...

totally loving the leaves! Great pictures!

~ms318i~ said...

you cease to amaze me can make 'some logs' look good !!!!

you rock