Monday, May 22, 2006


Another week is gone and a new one begun.

Started this week out by going on a Kindergarten field-trip to the Zoo. Weeeeeeeeeeee! Talk about tired! LOL Walking Walking and MORE WALKING! I am so tired. Took about a hundred pictures too. It was a fun day. Timmy had a blast with the boys. Running around like chickens with their heads cut off. LOL It was sad though because the Hippo that was there since forever had died. There was a note on the fence explaining how he was 50 years old and died of cancer. Poor thing. So when we were going by to see it some of the older kids were all telling the boys how the Hippo had died. My son was really concerned. He didn't really understand. He kept asking,"Why did the Hippo have to die Mommy?" "I didn't want him to die." Awwwwww. Then he kept giving me hugs. Big tight ones. He was seriously sad. I'm glad to know that he has a heart. My little big boy. Throughout the rest of the day he kept saying things like "Poor Hippo," or "I wanted to see him," and "Mom are you sure he is dead?" And every question was followed by a hug. :( He came home and told his Daddy too. Awwww He's so sweet. So other then all the sadness he did have a good time.

Here is my next scrap page. The one where he's climbing. I am gonna title it Determination. Don't you love it! Yay! LOL Now just to see when I get to scrap. Blah. Maybe today. Heh. I'll probably scrap a different picture first. I'm dumb like that. Ooooo I got some awesome scrap stuff at Wal-Mart the other day. Some flowers and ribbon and some more lace. I can't wait to play with it all. I gotta go place an order today I am in some serious need of scrap stuff. More!!! I need more!!! I gotta get some of the Color Theory stuff to start that album. Yikes! I don't wanna wait till the last minute to get it done.

Ooooooo so Friday is the big day!!!! Cherry Arte will announce who made their team. I still have hope people! ;-) Geeze how will I make it throughout these next few days! I am sooo anxious! Ha Ha! Good luck to everyone who entered. Hopefully at least someone I know will make the team! That'll be awesome.

Alright well I am off. Gotta go clean and junk. Thinking I may dive into my stash to have a little look see and organize a bit. Wish me luck. Latahs homies!


~ms318i~ said...

mara....i love those photos !!!!!! man you take great shots ! that rock climbing one is awesome.........

and poor little hippo........:(

timmy is a darling ! hugz to him !

Sam said...

Timmy sounds like such a sweet kid!! Great pic of him climbing! Good luck for Friday :D