Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Let Me Ramble For A Bit

Not much to talk about today, but I wanted to post the layout I did last night. I didn't do Easter. LOL I didn't feel like printing out the pictures so I did a picture from my stash. Hey at least I stuck with a holiday. I am wierded out though. I don't understand how my style can go from one extreme to the other. My pages I do of Timmy look so different then the ones I have done of myself and Jacqlyn. What's up with that? The reason I found time to scrap lastnight was cause Tim had to go to the church for some music practice thingy. So no, we didn't watch Fun With Dick and Jane. But I was wrong, something was on T.V. last night. 8th and Ocean was on! It comes out on Tuesdays at 10:30. Why so late? I have no friggin' clue! Anyways I am hoping to scrap again tonight. Maybe I will print out those Easter pic.s! Ha Ha Yeah right we all know that if I scrap I will scrap a page of me. But of what? I have pictures.... I just don't know what I would journal or title them. K.W.I.M? This morning I took pictures of my naked face. No make-up. No glits. No sparkles. Just pure Mara. They are quiet scary actually. LMBO But I have been wanting to do a page something along the lines of.... "The Naked Truth". Yeah or something like that. So yesterday I was blog surfing and came up on this site called The Altered Diva. It's mad hot! Like her work is sooo freaking awesome! I want to learn how to do that junk! Like REALLY REALLY! It's soooo inspiring! So please do check it out 'fo sho'! Okay well I am off to pick up the Timmymiester! Catch you peeps latah!!!!


~Christina~ said...

Oh good! You say "fo sho" too!!! I was thinking I was ghetto for saying that since nobody else I know says it! Awesome, I found someone else that talks like me too! haha

Happay said...

I think the LO's of your son are different because they are of a boy and they are appropriate for a boy! They are fantastic regardless of their differences.

Laurie said...

cool pic on that cool page girl!!! love love it!