Monday, April 03, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

Hey All my dear buds! OR wait, do I have any? Man I needa get some more peeps to comment around here. I need to know that I have an audience! I don't wanna be wasting my precious time around here for nothing! Geeze! LMBO Anyways today it been raining ALL day! I am so sick of the rain already! It soooo makes me feel all bored! Yuck! I hate it! And then the whole time change! Gah! This is gonna take some getting use to! Seems like just as the day starts it's over! Sucks! Well I had a lame Doctor's app. Today. Blah! Went grocery shopping too! Whoopee! So fun... NOT!!! I bought a lot of good stuff to get fat on! YUM! Heh. Loser. I came home and digi scrapped! I had been downloading all kinds of awesome free kits and decided to finally use some of them! You can get the kits at Shabby They are soooo hot! They have some really really hott stuff at Designs By Dani. It's so easy to scrap digitally! No mess either! LOL And plus I can make pages of Chloe and not have to worry about shipping fees! LMBO! J/P Heidi! You know I love you and the Chloemeister! *Sa-mmmooch* So yeah it was fun and now I wanna do another, but should prolly let my comp breathe a bit! Hmmm Or not! Okay so maybe I should paper scrap! Hmmmmmm Why not I have the time right now! Hmmmmmm Ha! Ha! So we might be going to Universal Studios this weekend. I sure hope it doesn't rain though! Gah! Then Sunday is our Anniversary! Six years! Wow! I can hardly believe it myself. It's nuts! Haven't made any real plans for that day yet. Prolly just do dinner though. Dorks! Well guess I am just rambling now so I'm gonna run! HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!!!


Zahra said...

aww, I love the layout! you're really getting the hang of digi and it looks crystal clear!!! great job may-belline! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I read your blog!! Don't quit!! LOL!

I love the picture at the top, very cool and that swirly is to die for!

What a cute layout too, love those colors, adorable!!

Anonymous said...

cripes, how do you post to these things, my last one says anonymous, but tis me, Rhena

Rhena said...

well it still rocks

Heidi A said...

lol rhena is funny!!!

~ms318i~ said...

hey mara.....imagine all the awesome layouts you can make for me.....and no shipping costs .........awwwwwwwww i am so hanging for one now of you!

it's been pretty cold here the past couple of days too.....brrrrrrrrr i don't own a jacket lol

universal lucky duck ! have fun