Monday, March 27, 2006

My Weekend.

This weekend was great. It rained all day Saturday so we just stayed in! Ahhhhh the relaxation! We bought the movie Derailed and watched that. It was okay, even though I predicted what would happen when they met. Geeze. You wanna see a good movie, watch The Sweetest Thing. Great movie! Oh did I mention it's a chick flick. Guess the name sorta gave that away. Pay attention! :P So yeah that was pretty much all we did Saturday besides our trip to Target Greatland, where I found a few cute shirts and an 8x11 album. Can't go to Target without getting something scrapbookingish.
Sunday we headed outta town to Bakes. Hubby went an gave a job estiment. Then off we went to my brother Anthony's.
Man the kids are getting so big. Joss is getting so beautiful! She's too sweet too. She has such a petite voice. When we left she walked up to me and says, "Kish Kish." Awwwwwww. She's so cute! And Jordan is a sucha character. When we got there he says, "I like being mean to Timmy." Oh my gosh we were cracking up. The little brat! He is forever after my poor son. Funny though they are the same age (5) yet Timmy preferes playing with Jacob who is 7. Who knows! Kids are crazy. :D They all played great!!
We need to go over more often! The kids need their cousins! ;) And well I guess it would be ok to see Anthony and Alicia once in a while! Heh. You know I love ya Bro! So Today I get to do house work! Yippeee! Anyone who knows me knows I ahte house work! Yuck! But anyone who knows me also knows I HATE a dirty house! So here I go then. Signing off for today! Hope everybody's week has started out well!

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Anonymous said...

Hey these kids are adorable!! Are they all related?